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morales avmer, president of the republic of bolivia. >> at the peak of forced eradication, coca eradication became very, very violent. and with the passage of this and with the shift of the use of the armed forces as the key eradication force, and what there was, was troops coming on forcibly to their land and ripping out every bit of the family's coca leaf. d.c. columnist and emmy winner bill press is now on current tv weekday mornings. >>welcome to the bill press show we're coming to you live coast to coast. >>a progressive breath of fresh air. >>i love to have, in the morning, the first crack at the news and the first opportunity to get on the phone and to talk with people all around the country. >>a progressive. >>let's get back to the phones here. hi stephanie. >>with widespread success. >>i've been around this stuff a long time but i still believe in the political system that if people know the truth they're going to make the right decisions. >>enlightening, entertaining. >>bill press digs deeper. >>...and the truth is, this economy is recovering. >>standing up for the tru
de desempleo, en instantes el gobierno de bolivia dice que chile es un país poco amistoso, además queman drogas valoradas en millones de dólares y la masacre de connecticut aumentó el pedido de mochilas antibalas, les diremos dónde las vende y envíe sus comentarios a la dirección que aparece en pantalla, los tendermos más adelante, ya regresamos . las noticias y la información no terminan aquí, manténgase conectad ♪. >> el ejercito estadounidense está de luto, el general retirado,. quién coronó una ilustre carrera que expulsó . l>> as fuerzas de sadam hussein falleció a los 78 años, murió en tampa, florida, donde vivía como fugilado, a dos semans de la matanza las repercucioens traspsasan fronteras, desde bogotá nos habla de un diseñador de ropa blindada, que tiene un múltiple pedido de estados unidos para elaborar mochilas antibalas . >> tan grave la masacre de connecticut, que hasta colombia le pidieron al diseñador de ropa mochilas blindadas. >> lo que sea , pero necesito la tranquilidad de minizar los riesgos . >> su objetivo es salvar la vida de los ni
skidded off the side of a road and fell down a steep slope. families in a village in northern bolivia have raised cattle for hundreds of years. in order to create areas for grazing, they destroyed a nearby forest. now they are taking part in a new project to try to reduce the impact on the environment. like many traditional farmers in bolivia, he used to burn down parts of the rain forest to create a pastor for his animals. now he is one of more than 200 villagers taking part in a pilot project run by oblivion nonprofit. it is designed to show farmers new ways to prevent further -- by a bolivian non-profit. >> it is also to preserve the environment. >> farmers use a new type of grass brought in from colombia. it allows more cows to graze on less land. with the old grass, only one cow could graze on each hectare. now 40 cows can graze on the same piece of land. >> before the project, my cows were sick. they did not have enough natural defenses. they were not strong enough to survive during the rainy season. been a more than 65% of bolivia's work forces in agriculture. in communities like th
of these emerging democracies. the people of bolivia, the ukraine and honduras couldn't be more thankful. i'm looking at your faces and just seeing how grateful you all are. (laughter) >> we don't like it one bit. >> you don't like it? >> no, it's not a good thing. the american political consultants came in to do a full overhaul of his image after he should rightly have been put to jail. so they came up with him smiling on political advertisements and there were simple slogans "i'm listening." >> that's great! >> no, not really. he threw his opponents in jail. >> that doesn't mean he wasn't listening. probably heard something he didn't like and threw them in jail. >> not really helping democracy. >> he won. our system works. >> just because it works doesn't mean that it's necessarily right. a perfect example was gonzalez posada. he was elected president and that was a disaster. >> disaster must be the spanish word for success because tad devine had been in bolivia working on that exact campaign. >> it was a very difficult campaign. our principal opponent had two things going for him: number
cerca el fin de semana y es momento de hablar de entretenimiento, desde bolivia estan en la ciudad los chicos de maria juana y nos cuentan el origen de su interesante nombre... y a proposito de la epoca de navidad, ricardo montaner lanza y ahora pedro biaggi nos cuenta que escucharemos maÑana les recuerdo que univision washington y telefutura le invitan a celebrar la navidad con un gesto de generosidad para los niÑos y jovencitos del centro de ayuda social mary's center... asi que colabore con esta noble causa donando juguetes y regalos nuevos este proximo sabado 8 de diciembre... tendremos cuatro puntos de recoleccion entre maryland y virginia... preste atencion porque estos son los puntos de recoleccion, manassas sera en kids family dental desde las 7:30 de la maÑana hasta las 9:30 de la maÑana, luego nos vamos a c and g imports en arlington de 11:30 de la maÑana hasta la 1:00 de la tarde de alli partimos a maryland donde estaremos en el centro de habla hispana de hyattsville de 2:30 a 4:30 de la tarde y cerramos la recoleccion en la chiquita numero 4 de 6:00 hasta las ocho de
runner up with 9.5 with bolivia, 10 minutes duration. this one was 8.8, at that moment was no. 4, then japan next year led next year with 8.9, but it's a lot, a big amount of energy was released in just 3 1/2 minutes. usually that things happen at night. i don't know why, but it always happen at night. so we are leading on february 27 at 3.24 and you can see in light blue the time when the first wave arrived the coast because the epicenter was so close to the coast. so it's no more than 10 minutes and at the same time the waves start moving through the pacific ocean and in 21 hours it hits the coast of hawaii. so everybody was affected because of that. in mexico, for instance, the variation of time was 1 1/2 meters. as you can see there, when that happened, 3.34, immediately we have different waves. the high of that wave was at about 50 meters but one hour after that in one place we start having waves of 30 meters. a happened in the island of guata after that, 7:00 in the morning we are still having different waves at different places in the coast arriving every 30 minutes
to your international weather forecast. bolivia, peru, we are expecting heavy rain. the mountains really enhance all that rain. this is what the forecast looks like as we move towards monday. we expect to see more rain across the region. temperatures staying at about 14 degrees. down here a couple of light showers, expect about 26 degrees. still looking nice across the caribbean, the islands will see sun for the next couple of days. in terms of temperature this is what it looks like. but over towards montego bay we expect to stay steadily drive. a high temperature in nassau. in the southeastern part of the united states we are expecting quite a bit of weather over the next couple of days. all of the clouds are right here. as we go toward monday you will see heavy rain showers here across atlanta. about 14 degrees in new york. temperatures hello? >> here is a recap of the top stories on al-jazeera. a church that the president -- that president obama was due to speak at has been evacuated because of a bomb threat. the president will attend a service on sunday evening, mourning the victims
forecast. peru to bolivia, we expect some pretty heavy rain. you see the mountain trillion hansel of the rain happening now. this is the forecast -- you see the mountain terrain really enhance the rain happening now. this is the forecast. down here towards buenos aires, showers for you and we expect to see 26 degrees. not a lot of clouds across the region. maybe some showers starting to push appear toward kingston. but toward montego bay, we expect it to stay dry. for the southeastern part of the united states, we do expect to see quite a bit of weather pushing through the next couple days. out of texas, along the gulf coast, you see all of these clouds. dallas has seen the rain already. on monday, you will see some heavy rain showers across atlanta. temperatures will get only to about 19 degrees here in washington and towards new york. throwing them on fire. >> here is a recap of the top stories on al jazeera para natures that president obama is due to speak get in connecticut received a bomb threat. but no bomb was found. several people have been injured in a series of explosion
de la salud de su padre, negó rumores de muerte e. >> el presidente de bolivia vieja a la isla para visita de un día para entrevistarse con raúl castro , no precisan el mometnod e la cita y si vera a hugo chávez . >> la policía de colombia incauta cocaína de alta pureza en golpe a las bandas en puerto de cartagena iba para los z y tendría a honduras país de paso , como nos cuenta en el 2012 se rompen registros en decomisos . >> no solo es la última incautacion sino el más grande encontrado en puertos de colombia para ser mandado . >> 1500 de cocaína, la última fase de alegatos de la droga de 5 millones de dólares . >> iba a puerto cortez en honduras después a méxico para terminar en el cartel de los z . >> suficiente para dos millones e cocaína, estbaa en contenedor que iría a buque para cartagena . >> autoridades no les deja de asombrar que los narcotraficantes ni camuflaron la droga, solo metieron maletas y le ponen llave . >> cientos incautados que se rompen registros . >> llegamos al 54% de la producción, esta en 345 toneladas y nosotros llevamos 189 toneladas
presente en al capital de bolivia, en un evento benefico donde los niños recibieron regalos por la sonrisa de los niños, donde reparten alegría en navidad, qué linda iniciativa, unas botas, patines y un globo es el sueño de un niño que crece en los barrios de bogotá, han sido asaltados por los delincuentes, tenemos la historia y les contamos. ♪. >> un lugar lleno de drogadictos, ladronres y prostitutas, en medio de todo esto vive juanita, santiago y el diminuto nicolás, aunque a duras penas tienen lo que llevan puestos, los asaltan casi siempre cuando caminan a las escuelas, no una, sino que varias veces, el pequeño santiago recuerda a los ladronres que le robaron la única chaqueta que tenía para el frío . >> a santiago le robaron la maleta y unos zapatos . >> ¿a santiago siempre le roban?. >> sí, mucho . >> es duro, me sentí muy triste porque no pude hacer nada porque iba con mi hija y...mi hija se asustó tal vez eso fue lo que más me dolió . >> ella es caren, la mamá de los 3 pequeños, la jefe del hogar y la campeona de la vida, trabaja en este salón de belleza para
nacimiento de jesÚs. trajes tÍpicos, en todo el uso del rÁbano, y en bolivia miles de personas esperaron durante toda la noche por regalos para sus hijos durante un evento que es una tradiciÓn desde 1993. cientos de voluntarios trabajan para recudar y con la meta de generar una sonrisa en los rostros de estos niÑos. en honduras una tradiciÓn que tiene medio siglo, en este aÑo cientos de personas fueron a visitar este nacimiento que cuenta lo ocurriÓ durante los Últimos 365 dÍas en el psy refleja el mortal incendio de la cÁrcel, y la crisis econÓmica, tambiÉn refleja lo ocurrido con el crimen organizado, parte de como se celebra esta Época de reflexiÓn. el vicepresidente de venezuela volviÓ a decir que el procedeso de recuperaciÓn de chÁvez se sigue dando. y millones de compradores de Último minuto abarrotan los centros comerciales en todo el paÍs. con esto volvemos. >>> las noticias e informaciÓn no terminan aquÍ, mantÉngase conectado las 24 horas del dÍa. ♪ ♪ >>> el vicepresidente de venezuela maduro se declarÓ optimista en la recuperaciÓn de chÁvez por el ca
america and you can see some very big showers going up to paraguay and into bolivia and also peru. we would like to see heavy rain during the course of sunday. the main concentration remained in northwestern part of brazil going toward ecuador. as you come southward of argentina, it is one are to showers likely. we might see some rain pushing up from the southwest during the latter part of the day. highs in santiago a route 29 degrees. in the caribbean is looking like a fine picture. we should see some showers coming into the northern coast. elsewhere in we've got scattered showers. further north is looking fine was sunny weather and highs of 23 degrees. in north america, at temperatures around 32 degrees. we have to weather systems moving in. this should make some really we go to our top stories. egyptians have less than two hours for the second and final round on a referendum on the constitution. the president'smahmoud mekki announced he was resigning. a senior minister and seven others have been killed in a suicide bomber attack in pakistan. the taliban is claiming responsibility.
of the unemployed young people. -- the bank has already helped. >> the president of bolivia has subsidized and electric company. soldiers have been sent to guard the installations. they belonged to the spanish
to chile. >> we have about $400,000 worth of merchandise at stake and our factory workers in bolivia can't make new merchandise until we figure out how we're going to handle the problem with getting these two containers in. >> reporter: fred johring owns golden state express trucking. his lot, usually empty, is filled with 20 parked trucks. each usually earns $500 to $600 a day at the ports. everyday you're losing how much? >> at least $4,000. >> reporter: a day? >> per day. >> reporter: scott, negotiations are still going on this evening. with as many as 900,000 jobs here in southern california tied to these ports, the mayor of los angeles is calling for round- the-clock talks with a mediator. >> pelley: thanks, bill. looks like flu season will be early this year. we'll show you what "curiosity" discovered on mars. and a giant gem gets a new setting when the "cbs evening news" continues. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your he
dio a insulas el triunfo en la oea. >>> y recibiÓ 20 mil dolares por participar en misiones a bolivia y honduras. >>> la contratociÓn se hizo pese que el hombre estaba bajo investigaciÓn por corrupcion en panamÁ. >>> para mÍ yo creo que hay una dependencia en consultores externos exceso vosotros. >>> insulas se feeingÓ a hablar con univisiÓn. >>> en una respuesta a la comisiÓn permanente insu saa negÓ las crÍticas y dice que los congresistas demuestran desconocimiento de la realidad interna del Órgano ismoing. >>> la aoÓÉ a que promueve la transparencia entre gobierno de las regiÓn recibe mÁs de la mitad de sus ingresos del gobierno de estados unidos. >>> sigo contigo marÍa elena. >>> gracias gerardo muy interesante. >>> y ahora vamos con enrique que tiene un adelanto de la ediciÓn nocturna. >>> hoy en la noche grupo apoyo indocumentados lanzan alerta ante el arres todo inmigrante en el sur de la florida. >>> queda en libertad el ex marÍn detenido en mÉxico por ingresar por un rifle, estaremos con Él y la familia. >>> y el director del salvador fue expedido es que s
presente a la capital de bolivia, donde participaron miles de niÑos, los pequeÑos recibieron regalos gracias a la campaÑa por la sonrisa de los niÑos que desde 1993 reparte alegrÍa en la navidad entre los mÁs necesitados. que linda iniciativa. unas botas, un par de patines es el sueÑo de estos tres niÑos. que fueron asaltados en mÁs de una ocasiÓn. adriana nos cuenta la historia. ♪ >>> bogotÁ, un lugar lleno de drogadicto, prostitutas, en medio viven estos tres niÑos. aunque a duras penas llevan lo puesto fueron asaltados no una sino varias. el pequeÑo santiago nos dijo de los hombres que le quitaron la Única chaqueta que tenÍan. >>> le robaron una maleta, tambiÉn zapatos. >>> a santiago siempre le roban? >>> sÍ. mucho. >>> es duro, ese dÍa me senti triste porque no pude hacer nada. no pude hacer nada porque iba con mi hija. mi hija se asustÓ, y eso fue lo que mÁs me dolÍo. >>> ella es karen, la mamÁ de los tres, la jefa del hogar, trabaja en este salÓn para ganarse cerca de 12 dÓlares al dÍa. con eso paga la renta, y le da de comer a sus hijos esperando sa
wild in bolivia. >> watch where you are stepping. we have some winter in the seven-day forecast. >> we have a crash in northern baltimore county. >> one step towards healing today. how this committee is coping as students return to class. >> what schools in howard county are doing in response to the san shooting. shooting.
of your decorations. >> the turtle hatchlings were released in bolivia earlier this week. it wants to release 3.8 million turtle's back into the wild. look at all those turtles. overhunting in recent years has threatened their numbers. >> young lovers puckered it up in a special kissing competition. each man had to kiss his girlfriend while their feet or off the ground. then the men had to carry the girlfriend what kissing her. happy to celebrate the love in front of so many people. that is a different. [laughter] all right. >> 6:42. >> a good time for joe flacco. >> which aspects of the holiday season can turn you into a grainch? >> i think you two could win that contest. things are pretty quiet right now. we hav >> welcome back to 11 news today. 6:44. richard engle is safe after being kidnapped in syria. overnight, nbc released the following statement -- he has covered many of the world's most dangerous places including cairo and the chaos in somalia. a man was shot in the neighborhood east of mondawmin mall. officers responded about 7:45 last night. no details about the gun man.
at the cemetery how moving. bolivia protest against the lack of health benefit. protest against energy hike. in afteren police officer stands in front of a wall of flames during a protest there. in beruit. the syrian refuse you gee points plastic toy pistol at man in micky mouse costume. college student at rally for teen martin killed by neighborhood watch commander in florida. remembering the 11th anniversary of the world trade center attacks. homeless man next to model posed during fashion week event in new york city at the para-olympic united states team celebrates after winning the gold medal in tennis. touching moment. physical walking on tightrope over niagara fall. space shuttle enterprise flying above manhattan on farewell tour. control room er upt in cheers after finding out they successfully landed on mars. thanks to curiosity this is one of the clearest im am of mars ever taken so far away seems so close in some respects. the 24 mile free fall from space few week back. some of the images from 2012 on the web site buzz feed what a year. >> just ahead from pictures to stu
to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld or as i am known in bolivia, lily tomlin. and now to andy levy with a pre game report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> i thought i was watching "beatle juice" for a second. still coming up, does the man behind gangham -- gan g nan style hate america? and why did a man call 911 after breaking into a home? and what happens if we send bill schulz out to an area to learn circus arts? hopeful leahy will learn -- hopefully he will learn something about himself? no, hopefully he will be pull vaw rised and viewed to pieces by a wild pack of dogs. greg? >> thanks. >> are you waring pajama bottoms with that outfit? >> i am not. >> decide to help somebody move and then get a head start? >> what an odd comment from somebody who is wearing basically the same thing. >> no. i have a tie on. you are looking like you would stay at home and watch "love actually." >> i will say goodbye with my giant mug. >> please do. >> let's welcome our guest. she is so sharp she can cut diamonds with her tongue. i am here with ann coulter. her latest book is called "mugged" m
by the presidential debate in the whole issue of what happened in benghazi which is the myth of bolivia's irrelevance to u.s. policy. over the course of, if you go back to the foundations of the libyan state in 1951, you know, the u.s. relations with libya have been -- the u.s. has looked at libya as something of an a strange creature that we could use for certain -- as a piece of the strategy that had to do with the region as a whole, but was never really looked at as -- the relationship was never seen as an object in and of itself. you could start off with their relationship with the soviets, the eisenhower doctrine and the united states to siring to push back soviet influence. libya was desperately pleading for u.s. attention back in, for eight tickets of to get to the list and on its own feet. this was before the discovery of oil. the u.s. kind of took, welcome here not as important as egypt, for example. we will think about that. the result was that the prime minister at the time basically devised the plan to court the soviets and see if he can grab the attention. the next major event was libyas
the threats of the school and we work in vietnam and bolivia and israel and other places and we're deeply impressed with what we see in many of our schools. a lot of people here don't realize how far our schools are ahead of schools in many parts of the world. we lost 14,000 children killed in one day in an earthquake in china. 7,500 in one day in pack san in a school in an earthquake. the terrible situations do cause us to refocus and try to come up with improvements. and our children are getting safer at school day by day. i put a 4-year-old on a school bus this morning. but i feel fairly confident, not that, again, no place is perfectly safe, but i trust his teacher, principal, school system and local public safety officials to do a good job of trying to make him safe. >> i second what you said there. i trust that people in my children's school to keep them safe but what are you comfortable with parents like us telling kids about what to do in a given emergency, keeping in mind that as parents we do want to keep that sense of innocence that our 4 and 5-year-olds have about the world? w
in venezuela, and morales in bolivia. the iranian deputy foreign minister finished a similar tour around latin america seeking support for a nuclear iran. . iran continues to expand its influence throughout the region, opening more embassies and more cultural centers in bolivia, ecuador, nicaragua, colombia, chile and uruguay, in addition to its existing diplomatic missions in cuba, argentina, brazil, mexico and venezuela. according to a u.s. intelligence analyst, these diplomatic missions are simply fronts for iran to carry out its nefarious activities in the region and a potential platform to increase the presence of operatives, a designated foreign terrorist organization and an arm of iran's revolutionary guard. iran is not only an enemy of the united states but also that of our allies. in the recent conflict between israel and the palestinians, the iranian regime had time and again displayed its brazen disregard for peace by wanting to resupply the hamas terrorist organization in lebanon to continue their deadly rocket barrage on our greatest ally, the democratic jewish state of israel. on
they can bolivia on that. 134 million. a missouri couple claimed the other winning ticket last week. those are some of your headlines. >> thanks so much, ainsley. check in with rick with a look at the first alert forecast this morning. hey, rick. >> i was hoping my parents. when it wasn't my numbers. i thought my parents. my last chance in arizona. >> you would have moved home. >> i would have moved only right into the guest bedroom it would have been a biggest bedroom i guarantee it. >> colder out across the west. showers and little bit of snow across the great lakes. this is all kind of light but persistent over the next two to three days so get ready for gloomy conditions and scattered showers on and ooff around the ohio valley and pacific northeast. there is disturbance across the far northern rockies. that's what's going to develop into one of our first real snow storms over the next cup perform of days across parts of the plains. snow moved in across the northern plains for much of the day tomorrow into minnesota and wisconsin. parts of michigan but there will be mostly rain from chi
that we american senators had never been to, like bolivia. it was a wonderful trip. it was great for our country and it was good for the senators to learn more about that most important part of the world. i was very fixed on who i wanted to go on that trip with me. but the two i asked to go was judd greg going, new hampshire, who had been chairman of the budget committee; and kent conrad, who was chairman of the budget committee at the time. those two fine senators spent about 18 hours seated side by side, both having tablets to write on and they were working on the number-one issue that they thought was important for this country: what we do about the future of this country economically. and they came up with an idea that was very, very good. it had worked before on closing military bases. madam president, we had military bases that we had been trying to close since world war 1. we couldn't do it. we didn't have the political will to do it. so we had a base-closing commission. with the base-closing commission, what we did was said okay, we're going to have a commission. we'll work on th
have been released in bolivia as part of a conservation project. the plan is to release 4 million hatchlings. the turtle population has dwindled because of excessive hunting by indigenous communities. if the baby turtles make it to adulthood, it c
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)